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Porky’s Groove Machine to bring the funk to Mile of Music

Porky’s Groove Machine set up headquarters in Minneapolis two years back, but make no mistake: they’re an Appleton band and they’re not...

The Hamburgers prepare for a long-awaited reunion at Mile of Music

The Hamburgers as a band ended up sharing some of the same attributes as the high-energy songs they burned through at any...

The Mile is a marathon for singer-songwriter Walt Hamburger

They call it the Mile of Music, though Walt Hamburger will play the musician’s equivalent of an ultra-marathon in upcoming days.

Check it out: Downtown museum brings Appleton history to life

“Check it out,” an occasional Valley Review feature, highlights places to go and things to do in the Fox Valley. Today, we...

Appleton artists chalk a big game during Art On The Town

Appleton’s latest art exhibition was the ultimate in short-term engagements. The audience didn’t extend much further than those who...