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Monday, February 17, 2020
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New home being sought for heavily debated sculpture

Work is underway to identify a new locale for a polarizing Downtown Appleton sculpture.  After weeks of debate, those...

Downtown Appleton public markets to break winter’s monotony

Though we all miss the warmth, our fewer chances to gather as a community is another sore point while slogging through the...

Light Up Appleton ushers in holiday season

Appleton’s holiday spirit flipped on like a switch as Saturday’s sun began to set. Ready or not, the Christmas...

Chicago Tribune offers nice write-up on Appleton dining scene

Those of us in the Fox Cities know there are some great surprises among Appleton’s drinking and dining establishments.

Attention revelers: it’s time to set your parade plans

The temperatures dipped below 20 and the snow looks like it’s here to stay. It’s finally safe to broach...

Downtown awards recognize creative importance

The role of arts and music in setting forth an electric atmosphere in Downtown Appleton received significant recognition as part honors that...

Appleton bids adieu to outdoor farm market season

To everything there is a season.  And a sure sign of this time of transition came early Saturday afternoon...

The Film Forte explores Houdini’s Appleton

A day of movie magic began with an exploration of Appleton’s first son to achieve the highest echelons of stardom.

The masses arrive to party at Octoberfest

So how many people can you fit on College Avenue? Examine the photo. It’s precisely that many. We’d advise...

License to Cruise revs up the weekend fun

On Saturday, food, music and libations will serve as the headliners. On Friday, they gathered on College Avenue to...