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Davies’ book tells his story — one post at a time


He’s a film actor living far from the glitz of Hollywood in sensible, neighborly Appleton, Wis.

And he’s earned his major film accomplishments in Africa of all places.

It’s the kind of life that a guy could write a book about.

It just so happens that Dan Davies came to the same conclusion and his tales will soon reach the hands of readers. Using old social media posts as his foundation, “The Rantings of a Madman of Facebook” tells Davies’ story in diary fashion with postscript reflections on each of his sweet, sour, goofy and telling tidbits from yesteryear.

The book is expected to hit the market on March 19.

“I wanted it to be funny, lighthearted and irreverent,” Davies said, “but I also wanted it to inspire and motivate people.”

A master at self depreciation, Davies invites readers to laugh at his foibles, though he hopes readers take away something greater.

“Everyone has their idiosyncrasies, but if you put forth great effort and work toward your goals, you’re going to be able to be successful,” he said. “If I’m able to do this, anyone can.”

Davies is the brains behind “Ed Gein, The Musical.” He’s created a new Appleton film festival, “The Film Forte.” Beyond the dairyland’s borders, he’s earned a name in the Nigerian film industry.

Davies was the first American to ever be awarded a Golden Movie Award, which is a top three film award on the continent of Africa. He co-starred in two films that are respectively the number six and 32nd highest box office Nollywood films of all time. You can find his work on Netflix. He co-starred in “A Trip to Jamaica,” which reached the trending list upon its addition to the streaming service’s library in late 2019.

The book takes advantage of Davies’ public face. In his postscripts, he offers a peek behind the curtain.

For Davies, Facebook is more than a vehicle for publishing cat photos, dinner pics or political memes. He’s his own agent and publicist. It’s been an important tool to get his message, his personality and all of his career news out to the world. It’s from that place that the book format pulls together a colorful, autobiographical picture.

The writing process allowed for plenty of reflection; an opportunity to see where and how he’s matured through a decade.

“A lot of the time, I haven’t matured at all,” he admitted with a laugh.

In keeping with the sense of fun he hoped to impart, Davies partnered with Sweetacular Art for a series of 20 or so coloring-book illustrations that’ll be included. The book, which will sell on Amazon, will come with a few crayons to get the job done.

The book was written as the first of a trilogy and focuses on posts from 2009 to 2012. Before getting to the next installments, he plans to relish his time sharing the first.

Singer-songwriter Amelia Ford is writing eight to 10 songs inspired by passages from the book. In May, they’ll do a show of the music along with readings and a book signing. An audiobook version will be released in April or May.

The covid-19 environment opened the time for the project, and Davies said it was the toughest task he’s accomplished. 

He looks forward to the rewards, hoping it gives folks some joy — and maybe a spark.

“I want to make people laugh and give them a little hope that with who they are and where they’re at, that they can be successful — that they can achieve the things that they want in life.”

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