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The Soapbox: On candy corn and Nickelback


Chances are, you like it … and I just want to tell you — it’s OK. 

It’s a covid-19 Halloween and after trick-or-treating, we’re all bound to have leftovers. Enjoy it out in the open without shame or embarrassment. 

Forget Laffy Taffy: come fall, it’s candy corn that’s the butt of all the jokes. Meme after meme in recent months reminded us of the supposed atrociousness of the waxy, tri-colored, buttercream nuggets. 

But a recent trip to the grocery store whispered something totally different. 

The candy corn took up some serious real estate. It was prominently displayed — not tucked in the corner of a bottom shelf with other misfit candies like Dots, Nut Rolls or Goo Goo Clusters.

There are memes and then there’s reality.

Manufacturers sell 35 million pounds — about 7 billion pieces — of candy corn per year. It’s a $73 million business. 

And yet it’s oh so fashionable to hate the stuff.

I suppose it’s the Nickelback of candies. 

You know, the band who everyone loathes that managed to sell 50 million albums. You know, that band that has an uncanny knack for selling out large venues packed with cheering people who dropped $100 to check it out “ironically.”

The point is, we’re not here to judge.

It’s Halloween and it’s a day to celebrate.

Grab a handful of candy corn. Crank up “Photograph.”

Sing it loud and eat it proud.

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