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2020 has been a bummer. Say it the T-Rats way


From the bratzooka to mid-inning sumo wrestling, the secret to success in minor league baseball is fun at all costs.

So what do you do if a pandemic means the first summer in the Fox Valley without pro ball since 1957? 

You have a little bit of fun with it.

If you’re of the mindset that the year has left plenty to be desired, say it with some Wisconsin Timber Rattlers fashion. The Class A team is taking orders with three designs incorporating its logos: 2020 bites, udder disaster and 2020 is the wurst.

The team is taking orders through Sunday. The shirts will not be available in its team store, so this is your only shot. 

The marketing minds at Fox Cities Stadium have had great success.

Last year, the team once again cracked the top 25 among minor league baseball teams in terms of licensed merchandise sold. It was the smallest market in the country on the list and one of only three teams beneath the AA level.

It marked the 18th time the team has made the list since Appleton Professional Baseball became the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers in 1995.

Whether it’s the one-game name change to the Udder Tuggers or some clever shirts reading the temperature of the moment, it’s no surprise.

And as for the cost for the new shirts? 

$20.20, of course.

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