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Without big event, Octoberfest still aims to meet its mission


Most of us would acknowledge that cramming 100,000 people elbow to elbow down a mile-long stretch of College Avenue wouldn’t be the most brilliant move under current circumstances.

Although we’ll miss the fun, the food and the beer of Octoberfest during 2020, it’s an event that’s always had a far bigger motivation. 

“We’re still committed to making sure that Appleton’s Octoberfest stays true to its mission,” said Eric Stadler, Octoberfest chairman.

The underlying goal of the event has always been to provide strength to our nonprofits. And organizers are confident we can still pull it off this year without the risks inherent to hosting the biggest, most tightly packed gathering on the Appleton calendar.

Enter Octoberfest Reimagined.

Nonprofits will partner with local businesses for a day or a series of days starting Sept. 26 and continuing through October and a percentage of sales goes to the nonprofit. 

Both sides will promote their partnerships as will the Octoberfest organization. Nonprofits can click here to get an application.

As for the rest of us? Let’s pay attention, get out and make some purchases that’ll support both Fox Cities businesses and our nonprofits.

This year we need to re-imagine a few things.

But it’s tough to imagine the Fox Cities without the many groups that contribute so much to our quality of life.