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Keeping the Mile of Music spirit in its 2020 absence


If this was a typical year, we’d be making some tough decisions right now about who to see and where.

Inevitably, many of us would stray from our well-laid plans.

We’d be sharing recommendations with strangers who feel like old friends in the midst of the shared experience.

Our wallets would be lighter, but our spirits would be fuller and we’d all have some new additions on our lists of favorite artists.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the typical year.

But we can all do our part to keep the spirit of Mile of Music vibrant in spite of the pandemic and the quiet it’s forced upon Downtown Appleton during what’s usually its most joyful weekend. 

It’s a family gathering of artists and fans. Our differences disappear in an environment where, for a few days, the music is all that matters.

Singer-songwriter Jamie Kent sent a message of lament on Friday that this year’s gathering wasn’t to be, but also a reminder that we’ve built something special.

Jamie Kent

“This gives us a great opportunity to look back over the years and think of all the great memories we’ve had together,” he said.

Kent offered the start of a new Mile-inspired song — Famous (In Appleton). Click here to take a listen to his message and the music.

Mile of Music opened the invitation for artists to add a verse.

The festival also offered a call for action to fans: show some support for the artists who add the magic to Downtown Appleton in early August.

Suggestions include visits to their online merch shops and Bandcamp pages.

Revisit videos of the Miles behind us. More, keep the enthusiasm.

We’ll get together down the road.

And the return of Mile of Music is bound to even more incredible with an added layer of appreciation we could gain through its absence.