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It’s opening day. Let’s get fired up with some Brewers tunes


They’ve had ups and downs on the diamond, though as far as music goes, the Milwaukee Brewers certainly put a couple in the hit column over the years.

It’s opening day and hopes are high for the Milwaukee Brewers in a covid-shortened season. It’s the 50th season for the crew and while we wait on the first pitch, we at Valley Review feel there’s no better way to get pumped up than with some classic Brewers tunes.

For our money, no team has done it better. 

Click above for “Brewer Fever,” released in 1979. Featuring hand clap percussion, solid brass and opened with some sweet, totally 70s laser sounds, it’s a sports music classic. One can’t listen without envisioning County Stadium, ass-kicking mustaches and baby blue road uniforms.

Lyrically, the piece implores fans to recognize their role as the 10th man on the lineup card.

“Stomp your feet, clap your hands … your part of the team sittin’ in the stands …”

The Brew Crew, wasn’t going to be a one-hit wonder.

“Turnin’ Up The Heat” was released on 45 in 1985 and remains ever recognizable now 25 years later. Give it a listen.

Wisconsin Life published an informative, behind-the-scenes interview two years back with its songwriter. Waukesha jingle writer Terry Sweet described the who, how and why behind the earworm that followed Brewers fans for years.

Of course, “Roll Out The Barrel” counts among Brewers songs, but it wouldn’t be appropriate to crank it before the seventh inning stretch.

Are the Brewers due for another hit single? They’ve already hit two home runs.

Enjoy the music, let’s beat those Cubbies, and above all, let’s all hope we get through the 2020 campaign without any players coming down with a literal Brewer fever.