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Appleton record label donating Friday sales to Black Lives Matter


An Appleton record label is urging the community to step forth generously toward the ideals of dignity and justice.

On Friday, they’ll offer up their music to the cause.

Crutch of Memory Enterprises, an Appleton record label and recording studio, will donate all of their Friday, June 5 sales from music website, Bandcamp, to Black Lives Matter.

Music fans will also get their first opportunity at something new.

Andy Harris, a Crutch of Memory producer who goes by stage name Harris P. Andrews, will digitally release his new album on the site Friday. 

It’ll serve as the centerpiece of their fundraising effort, though purchases across the catalog will go to Black Lives Matter.

“It’s the least I could do to help the cause,” Harris said of his new album. 

He noted that he’s less concerned with getting his songs to an audience during that first day on the market.

“If you don’t download the album, just donate,” he said.

The new album, Dub Ish, was inspired by psychedelic dub — a style which in turn drew from reggae.

Harris, of Milwaukee, recorded the album about two years ago and without any intentions for release. It’s an appropriate album for the donation day, he said, as it’s a fruit of the influence black culture has had on his music.

Bandcamp is waiving its artist fees on Friday, which will allow the label to make a greater impact through its day of sales. 

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