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Art at the Park to move its 2020 event online


The venue will certainly be different. 

The spirit is just the same.

The Trout Museum of Art announced today that Art at the Park as we’ve always known it will not take place this year due to covid-19 concerns. Instead, the annual showcase of artists will move to a virtual space.

Find a comfortable seat, flip open the laptop and head to ArtattheParkOnline.com.

“Art at the Park’s main goal is to support artists,” said Christina Turner, TMA president,  “and Art at the Park Online helps us reach that goal during these difficult times.”

This year’s event is the 60th annual Art at the Park. It was supposed to take place in and around Appleton’s City Park on July 25-26.

Instead, art lovers will have more time to browse and consider what pieces to add to their own collections. The site will host virtual artist booths starting in July. The site will be open for a full year. Each of the booths will feature images of artwork, a message from the artist and links to where their work can be purchased.

The website will also feature artists under the age of 18 with its Young Artist Marketplace and K-12 student galleries.

The annual event has become one of the region’s premier art shows and draws to tens of thousands of art lovers to the city.

Those who look for silver linings can appreciate the lack of parking headaches accompanying the new format.

Artists expressed appreciation for the creativity of organizers to make the event happen by another means during this challenging year.

“With a virtual booth on Art at the Park Online, this is a great new opportunity to potentially reach even more people,” Fond du Lac artist Mel Kolstad said. “And we don’t need to worry about rain!”