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Downtown bars team up for Halfway to Mile 2020


For many Mile of Music fans, the only lament is that the festival arrives for just one long weekend per year.

We’ve reached the halfway point until the next festival lights up Downtown Appleton.

Starting Thursday, three College Avenue establishments will team up to give fans a little fuel for the back half of their wait.

Chadwicks, Deja Vu Martini Lounge and The Bent Keg are working together to present “Halfway to Mile 2020” on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It’s the fifth year for the midpoint mini festival.

Like the Mile, they’ll feature packed nights of original music from artists you’re not going to see on any typical Appleton weekend. Unlike the Mile, there’s no need to prioritize. You’ll be able to see each of the acts over the three days if you so choose.

Singer-songwriter Cole Woodruff will open the festivities on Thursday at 8 p.m. at Deju Vu.

Expect to see plenty of familiar faces from warmer times along College Avenue.

The Outside Voices, a five-piece rock band from Northeast Ohio, played five sets at the last Mile of Music. They’ll have two gigs during the “Halfway” event, on Friday and Saturday at Deja Vu and Chadwicks, respectively.

Jeff Kelly and the Graveyard Shift out of Indianapolis will also return at the six-month mark after a five-set Mile. Kelly and company will play Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Veseria, also from Indianapolis played Miles 3 and 4. They’re returning for Thursday, Friday and Saturday shows.

Artists performing this weekend also include Katie Pederson, the Bobbie Morrone Trio, The 5:55, RMB, Brother ‘O Brother, Lemon Sky, Meaghan Farrell, Forstory, The Hawkeyes and the Ryan M. Brewer Band.

For a full schedule of the event as well as other live music offerings in the Fox Valley, check out Valley Review’s March live music calendar.