A tasty guide to the nationally touted foods of the Valley


    We’re all aware that we don’t have to travel too far to find some pretty amazing comfort food.

    Though we tend to savor it on a completely different level when we know what’s on our plate here at home is among the best in the nation.

    Establishments in our neck of the woods reached a couple “best of” lists last week. The local Gannett papers last week touted Sturgeon Bay’s 5th and Jefferson, which was named Wisconsin’s best coffeehouse in a Buzzfeed write-up.

    Macs Macaroni and Cheese Shop, a small Wisconsin chain with an Appleton location, went to social media to spread their good news. They took Wisconsin’s slot in Buzzfeed’s “The Best Mac and Cheese in Every State.

    With our hometown favorites again hitting the lists, Valley Review put together its own list of the restaurants and their specialties in our neighborhood that have made mouths water across the country.

    National food coverage makes one thing clear. If you’re a chicken lover, there’s no reason to leave Downtown Appleton.

    In July, Mai’s Deli on Memorial Drive at College Avenue took Wisconsin’s spot among Buzzfeed’s best chicken wing places in each of the 50 states.

    “The stuffed chicken wings are quite spectacular,” offered a Yelper included in the write-up.

    In September, another trusted voice had something to say about the chicken just up the road.

    Cozzy Corner was named Wisconsin’s best in the Food Network’s slideshow, “The Best Fried Chicken in Every State.

    Those who enjoy televised food porn programming may have caught some familiar dishes. 

    In 2017, Stone Arch Brewpub and its beer mac and cheese was featured on Travel Channel’s ”Food Paradise.”

    We could figure out that mac and cheese is a favorite of the producers of “Food Paradise.” The original, Wisconsin Dells location of Macs was also on the program.

    For those who enjoy a little time travel with fries, burgers, shakes and root beer, we all know that Ardy and Ed’s in Oshkosh is the hands down top choice. 

    The rest of the country was clued in when the south side favorite reached screens as part of Travel Channel’s “Retro Eats.”

    Anyone else getting hungry?