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Wisconsin Herd has some sweet freebies lined up this season


As the classic Dad joke goes, there will be no more beer served at the Menominee Nation Arena this season. 

The Wisconsin Herd lost the opener. 

The Herd began their NBA G-League season on Friday night, taking one on the chin in a 129 to 111 loss to the Windy City Bulls. The home team had it close before the Bulls rolled late and built a huge lead.

Win or lose, it’s a pretty cool thing they have happening down in Oshkosh.

If you haven’t taken in a game in the first two seasons, make a point to get to the arena. Some of the world’s best players — just not quite at the level for the world’s greatest basketball league — take the floor in an arena that feels a lot like a really big high school field house. It’s huge dudes, big dunks, wicked blocks and pinpoint threes. The worst seat in the house is still a damned good seat.

And in the finest of minor league traditions, the Herd will sweeten the pot throughout the season. Theme nights and giveaways dot the schedule — and that’s where your Valley Review comes in.

We’ll let more knowledgeable websites handle player analysis and game breakdown. We, however, can give a pretty good swag preview.

The best giveaway will take place on Dec. 17. Mark your calendar and get your tickets early. It’s an MVP celebration and fans will take home a Giannis Antetokounmpo bobblehead. 

A second bobblehead night will feature Herd mascot Pointer. There’s also a lunchbox giveaway on the schedule. 

Theme nights will celebrate the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s with Herd jerseys mimicking Bucks jerseys of those eras. Film fans can take in a “Star Wars Episode III” night and “Office Space” Appreciation Day. 

Giveaway nights are as follows:

Wed. Nov. 13: That 70s Herd license plate key chain

Sat. Dec. 7: holiday sweater koozie

Tues. Dec. 17: Giannis bobblehead

Thurs. Jan. 9: Bucks hat designed by Eric Bledsoe

Thurs. Jan. 16: lunchbox

Thurs. Jan. 30: Stranger Things Herd hat

Tues. Feb. 4: Pointer the Great bobblehead

Thurs. Feb. 13: fanny pack

Tues. Feb. 25: Herd Mardi Gras beads

Thurs. Feb. 27: “The One Where I Got a Free T-Shirt”

Fri. March 6: mouse pad

Tues. March 17: hands-free koozie

Sat. March 21: Team thank you poster