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The masses arrive to party at Octoberfest


So how many people can you fit on College Avenue?

Examine the photo. It’s precisely that many. We’d advise against squeezing any more in.

Octoberfest, Appleton’s biggest party, drew the masses downtown on a beautiful fall day for beer, music and plenty to munch.

Bands entertained on seven stages. Fest-goers enjoyed desserts, fried foods, grilled foods — everything but healthy foods — served up by vendors up and down the avenue.

It’s an event that provides far more than a day of fun. Money raised during the event is returned through grants and donations. Each of the food vendors represented nonprofit organizations in the community.

Throwing a party that pulls in 100,000 people is no small undertaking. Almost 800 volunteers tend bar, work in the headquarters, sell beer tickets and work as block captains. More than 2,000 others work in the food booths on behalf of their organizations.

Octoberfest is a program of the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Industry.