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Go Pack, Go Crew: let’s talk game day tech strategy


There are days in which I pause and feel bad for having multiple screens in front of me, the recliner fully extended and my YMCA membership card buried deep in the recesses of my wallet. 

This is not going to be one of those days. 

Today is one of the rare days that make multiple devices seem completely reasonable. Today we prove that “effective multitasker” is not just a bullshit filler line on our resumes.

It’s a good day to be a Wisconsin sports fan.

The Milwaukee Brewers are scorching hot, in the midst of a tight and fascinating pennant race and far exceeding their traditional role for the Wisconsin fan. They’re supposed to be interesting just until the Packers begin their season.

Come Thursday night, we’ll be quarter way through the football season and the Brew Crew remains must-watch on a game-in, game-out basis.

So that leads us to today. It’s a big game day for the green and gold — and the navy, white and gold.

The Pack starts at noon. The Brewers start just after 1. There’s going to be two-plus hours of overlap.

Let’s assemble the toolkit.

At the bare minimum, you’ll need a remote control and a trained finger on the “last” button.

Though we device happy people know there’s a better way. 

To do it right, you’ll need the big screen, the remote, a tablet and a laptop.

Let’s start with the big screen. I suggest Packers belong there as there are more moving parts out on the gridiron. Football just doesn’t work as well on the smaller screen. 

Put the Brewers telecast on the tablet.

The laptop is your communication device. Go to Google and pin the scores of the Cubs vs. Cardinals game and the Nationals vs. Marlins. Then pull up Twitter. There’s something that adds to the Brewers game day experience to read from Cubs fans as they whine and making every excuse for their outside-of-the-playoffs status but their frequent, recent losing. 

So the Cubs were doomed by the Brewers’ easy schedule down the stretch? I thought that meant the Brewers already made it fully through their tough competition.

Poor Cubs fans.

Anyhow, keep the remote handy for any home runs, base clearing doubles and sweet defensive efforts. You’ll want to watch the replays on the big screen and get the full sound from the packed house at Miller Park.  

Keep the tablet on your lap and the laptop on one arm of the easy chair — unless, of course, you’re going to do some trolling of Cubs fans on Twitter. In that case, reverse it for access to your keyboard. 

The other chair arm is reserved your snack selection.

Go Pack. Go crew.

And know I’m not going anywhere but the restroom between noon and 4 p.m.