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The Soapbox: Chicken madness descends on the Fox Valley


One of the most anticipated days in the Fox Valley’s 2019 news calendar is finally upon us.

And it wasn’t proven before, the evidence is solidified: we’re pretty easy to please.

The countdown sign outside the newest branch of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen will click down to zero on Tuesday, and if predictions hold true, expect a long wait for some otherwise fast food. The doors open at 10:30 a.m.

It’s been all the talk. And the fun is just beginning.

Bumper-to-bumper traffic is expected to move down the road and across the street next week with Chick-fil-A’s Aug. 29 grand opening.

The chicken joints have been all over the news for months. And I’m sorry, but … well … it’s just a bit clucking weird. 

Don’t take it as a judgment: I’m just as easily distracted by new and shiny objects. Advertisers have fantasies about guys like me.

Did you see that infomercial? I probably owned it.

I can recall watching cartoons from bed on an early Saturday morning — as an adult, mind you — when a commercial for SpongeBob SquarePants cereal hit the screen. I didn’t bother to change from my pajamas before heading off to purchase a box. 

But I’m one guy, and on Tuesday, we’re talking about the masses.

So from where did this chicken madness derive? I think there are a few things at play.

Certainly, there were those feelings it wasn’t fair with all those Popeyes commercials crossing our TV screens and no way to indulge.

I do, though, think there’s a bigger factor driving excitement.

As humans, we don’t like it when other people have stuff that we don’t. 

So perhaps, when you’re through swabbing the grease from your fingers with your shirt and a half dozen napkins, spend a thought on the great things we have that others can’t claim.

From there, make that next set of dining plans.

Anyone can grab Dominos or Pizza Hut. We can grab Harmony. Or Sal’s. Or Muncheez. Or Cranky Pat’s.

Many people can swing by a Red Robin. Only we have Home Burger Bar and The Mad Apple.

Denny’s and Perkins are fine. But only we have Angels, Rico’s and Third Street Diner.

I can attest that Popeyes is good. I enjoyed my visit during a recent swing through Milwaukee. But as far as chicken goes, it’s not anywhere near the same league as our Cozzy Corner.

New is fun, but let’s never take for granted the homegrown places that are really reasons to boast.

And, hey, I’m happy to have a Popeyes. 

Just let me know when the lines die down.