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Hamilton advice: score tickets before you need a mortgage


One piece of advice takes immediate priority for those hoping to take in the hottest show in musical theater upon its arrival in Appleton.

Keep your Wednesday morning open. 

Tickets for Hamilton at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center will go on sale on Wednesday, August 14. Those who plan to purchase in person can do so beginning at 8 a.m. Those who plan to do so from the comfort of their office chairs can hop online beginning at 10 a.m.. Prices will range from $85-$199, with a select number of $299 premium seats available for all performances. 

The touring cast will take the stage for 24 Appleton performances from Oct. 1  through Oct. 20. 

As for those who wait until after the PAC and Ticketmaster sell out? 

Expect an easy-to-understand, no-charts-needed lesson on the economic law of supply and demand.

Here are some examples:

The 16-performance run at Proctors Theatre in Schenectady, NY begins Tuesday and at face value, prices ranged from $95 to $165 with a limited number of VIP seats selling at $265. 

A Craigslist seller today had two nose-bleed balcony seats listed for the Aug. 25 performance at $250 apiece. Another had third-row orchestra tickets for the Aug. 15 show. They come at the low, low price of $1,000 for the pair — or in keeping with the theme, 100 Hamiltons.

If you’re looking for opening night in Schenectady, the cheapest seats on StubHub are going for $200.

Certainly, shoppers will find face value tickets on the second hand market from those who need to cancel plans at the last minute.

But, make no mistake — it’s going to be a dice roll.

Where there’s money to be made, the criminals come crawling out of the dark corners.

Take note from this individual who likely had a bad experience in Oklahoma City, where their run is under way.

“There is a person who keeps listing Hamilton tickets in Upper Orchestra Row D for $100 apiece,” the listing says. “THIS IS A FRAUD! Do not respond to this person!”

Appleton’s run will have an eight-ticket limit per household.

Those interested in purchasing in person may begin lining up at the PAC at 6 a.m. at the Division Street valet entrance. Doors will open at 7 a.m. 

For those who miss out, the PAC will have a lottery for each performance. Details of the lottery will be released as the performances draw nearer.

Opportunities to take in the show extend beyond Appleton. The tour will hit the road, but remain in Wisconsin.

Hamilton will run in Milwaukee from Oct. 22 through Nov. 17 and in Madison from Nov. 19 through Dec. 8.

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