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From the publisher: welcome to Valley Review


Welcome to Valley Review.

We’re still in our infancy stages, but I’d suggest the website already has a lot offer: we’re bringing high hopes, a lofty vision and an invitation to all of you to lend a hand as our ideas grow into something more.

Our general goal is to both document and contribute to what’s been a dramatic creative unfolding here in the Fox Cities.

In a place that welcomes gratuitous Houdini references, I’d dare say our region remains in the midst of metamorphosis as it comes to music and the arts.

We’ll aim to provide a deep and consistent focus on our strong and ever growing stable of creators — whether they’re musicians, visual artists, actors or writers.

Energy and inspiration has also gone into creating opportunity and we’ll bring attention the people, nonprofits and initiatives that have set out in a wide variety of ways to improve what’s already a great place to live.

So how did this website come to be? In one sense, it’s a selfish pursuit.

I moved on to different things after 18 years as a Fox Valley journalist. I was ready for a new chapter once finally voted off the ever shrinking news media island. But I’ve since come to learn that my curiosity and drive to tell stories ran far deeper than my want to pay the mortgage. It’s time to get back at it.

In another sense, this is a pursuit for the community.

I recently caught myself lamenting the lack of alternative media in the Fox Cities. I was craving the stories, writing styles and voices you don’t find every day in the traditional press. It struck that maybe this is the place where I need to be the change I want to see.

And I’ll depend on all of you.

Reach out with story ideas.

If you’re out there making a difference, let us know who you are, what you’re doing and what all of us can do to lend a hand.

If you’d like to contribute, we’d be happy to have you. If nothing else, come back often and do some reading.

You’re going to find the news you can use.

We’ll offer a one-stop shop providing the when and where for those planning their nights out. I hope the true value of this site shines in giving our region more of the who, the how and the why.

We’re going to have some fun. Look for some snark, irreverence and sarcasm when it’s due.

We’ll remember where we came from and highlight the good, the bad, the weird and the fascinating that dots our local history.

Mainly, we’ll talk about now.

I can’t imagine there’s ever been a more exciting time to live in the Fox Cities. Enjoy it. Never take it for granted and relish the journey.

And as for Valley Review, enjoy what I hope will stand out as a solid chronicle of how we got to the yet more amazing place we’re headed towards.

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