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Food trucks gear up for a tasty summer season


There’s little better than some warm sun and a cool breeze during an afternoon at the park.

The limited slate of potential improvements would include fresh-popped kettle corn and a sno cone.

The Fox Valley Food Truck Association recently fired up its engines — and its fryers — for the long awaited kickoff to its 2019 season. The trucks will file into Jefferson Park on June 4 for this year’s first Menasha event.

“It’s just a cool thing,” said Kyle Fritz, president of the association and owner of On the Fritz Concessions. “It’s about fostering a relationship between the community and the trucks.”

Many have their favorites and will follow their trucks through the Fox Valley all season long.

It’s part picnic. It’s part food court. And for some inexplicable reason, everything tastes better after its handed through a truck window.

Whether barbecue or deep fried cheese curds, it’s food that’s good for the soul if not so much for the cholesterol level.

The association inaugurated its rally season on May 4 at Appleton’s Pierce Park and drew huge crowds eager for all the tastes that eluded them through the winter.

Generators hummed and promotional flags swayed in the breeze. A guitarist provided some tunes and the aromas guided dining decisions.

There’s a carnival feel and it caught the eye of Nick Von Holt and friends.

“We’re a bunch of car people and we happened to see it while we were out on a cruise,” he said.

“We couldn’t pass it up,” said compatriot Nash Peters.

The event featured 10 vendors and array of flavors from gourmet cupcakes on the sweet side to egg rolls, chili and perch lunches on the savory.

Families brought blankets and Radio Flyers to haul around the young ones. The best prepared brought full wallets and a little bit of patience.

Justin Baker of Oshkosh wasn’t deterred by a line that looked like something straight out of Six Flags for the barbecue stylings of Vincent’s Smokehouse.

If the line was that long, it had to be worth the wait.

“I have heard anything about it, but I like the look of their menu — at least what I can see of it from here,” he said while still a good 40 yards from reaching the window.

He had a tub of shrimp and cheese curds at hand to snack on in the meantime.

There’s plenty more to come. Search for “Fox Valley Food Truck Rally” on Facebook for updates and schedules.

Upcoming events include:

June 20, Pierce Park, Appleton, 4 p.m.

June 26, Hydro Park, Kaukauna, 5:30 p.m.

July 18, Pierce Park, Appleton, 4 p.m.

July 24 Hydro Park, Kaukauna, 5:30 p.m.

Aug. 6 Jefferson Park, Menasha, 4 p.m.

Aug. 22 Pierce Park, Appleton, 4 p.m.

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