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Mile of Music’s 2019 lineup filling in nicely


Those laying their plans for Mile of Music have another playlist to organize as they work to build their list of priorities.

So much music. So little time.

Mile of Music’s Mile 7 will take over Downtown Appleton on Aug. 1 through Aug. 4, bringing original artists from across the country as well as local favorites to 70 venues.

Organizers announced the Mile’s latest batch of bookings, which brings the announced acts to 140 of the 200 that’ll perform. Music lovers will find 900 live sets over the course of the festival.

The latest announcement includes Appleton jazz vocalist Erin Krebs, who will be a newcomer to the festival, but not to local ears. Natural Satellite, a Menasha duo, was also announced to perform their first Mile.

The latest round of artists scheduled for their first Mile of Music in 2019 include:

Airpark (Nashville, TN), Miki Fiki (Nashville, TN), Remember Jones (Asbury Park, NJ), Maudlin (Minneapolis, MN), Jessica Mindrum (Chicago, IL), Ben de la Cour (Nashville, TN), Natural Satellite (Menasha, WI), Erin Krebs (Appleton, WI), Brianna Kočka (Minneapolis, MN), Adam Faucett (Little Rock, AR), Sleep Study (Minneapolis, MN)

The latest round of returning artists for 2019 include:

Them Coulee Boys (Eau Claire, WI), Fine Lines (Nashville, TN), Frederick The Younger (Louisville, KY), Phillip Michael Scales (Chicago, IL), Paul Childers (Nashville, TN), PONCÉ (Nashville, TN), Bascom Hill (Madison, WI), Katie Boeck (Nashville, TN), Heather Styka (Chicago, IL), Mike Wheeler (Nashville, TN), The Raglanders (Green Bay, WI), Kurt Gunn (De Pere, WI), Karen Wheelock (Madison, WI), Christopher Gold (Appleton, WI), Christopher Gold and The New Old Things (Appleton, WI), The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers (Soldiers Grove, WI)

Previously announced artists slated to make their Mile of Music debut include:

Wyland (Kearny, NJ), Honeysuckle (Boston, MA), Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers (Allover, MI), Cicada Rhythm (Athens, GA), Jake LeMond (Detroit, MI), Radiochurch (Minneapolis, MN), Mike Mains & The Branches (Detroit, MI), Almond&Olive (Chicago, IL), MULTIPEDE (Burning Bear, NY), Dark Honey (Albany, NY), Paradisa (Troy, NY), Roots of A Rebellion (Nashville, TN), The Dirty Grass Players (Baltimore, MD), Emily Scott Robinson (Greensboro, NC), Nikki Morgan (Greensboro, NC), Little Bird (Charleston, SC), Kristen Castro (Formerly of Maybe April) (Nashville, TN), VOLK (Nashville, TN) Jeff Kelly and the Graveyard Shift (Indianapolis, IN), Melissa Sandullo (Indianapolis, IN), John Boyle (Indianapolis, IN), Chris Koza (Minneapolis, MN), Tristen (Nashville, TN), Tanya Gallagher (Pensacola, FL), Ben Kunder (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Daphne Lee Martin & Kieran Ledwidge (New London, CT), Claire Kelly (Nashville, TN), Austin Stirling (North Salem, IN), Howler (Madison, WI), Ben Shaw (Los Angeles, CA), Elroy Jordin (Eugene, OR), Sister Winchester (Appleton, WI), Brother Elsey (Grand Rapids, MI), Marah In The Mainsail (Minneapolis, MN), Solar Max (Oshkosh, WI), The Hamburgers (15-year Reunion Set) (Menasha, WI) Birds of Chicago (Chicago, IL), Carsie Blanton (New Orleans, LA), Freddy & Francine (Nashville, TN), Sway Wild (ft. Mandy Fer & Dave McGraw) (San Juan Island, WA), Candy Ambulance (Glens Falls, NY), Joshua & The Holy Rollers (Los Angeles, CA), LowDown Brass Band (Chicago, IL), Lamont Landers Band (Huntsville, AL), Danika & The Jeb (Nashville, TN), Grand Am (Brooklyn, NY), Garth. (New York, NY), Bartees Strange (Washington, D.C.), Chicago Farmer (Bloomington, IL), Michaela Anne (Nashville, TN), Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards (Boston, MA), Muddy Ruckus (Portland, ME), Cold Kingdom (Minneapolis, MN), Goodnight, Texas (San Francisco, CA), Heather Mae (Washington, D.C.), JD Eicher (Youngstown, OH), Seth Glier (Easthampton, MA), Sunny War (Los Angeles, CA), Lula Wiles (Boston, MA), Moody Little Sister (Truth or Consequences, NM), Devon Gilfillian (Nashville, TN), Natural Born Leaders (Asheville, NC), GOODING (Nashville, TN), The Ragbirds (Ann Arbor, MI), Tony Lucca (Nashville, TN), The Wealthy West (Memphis, TN)

Previously announced returning Artists for Mile 7 include:

The Sea The Sea (Troy, NY), Sarah Potenza (Nashville, TN), Michigander (Kalamazoo, MI), Beth Bombara (St. Louis, MO), Mutts (Chicago, IL), Brett Newski & The No Tomorrow (Milwaukee, WI), Let’s Be Leonard (Saratoga Springs, NY), Pierce Edens (Marshall, NC), India Ramey (Nashville, TN), Jubal (Knoxville, TN), Michelle Mandico (Nashville, TN), F I N K E L (Los Angeles, CA), Genevieve Heyward (Sturgeon Bay, WI), LASKA (Minneapolis, MN), Audiodacity (Indianapolis, IN), Katie Pederson (Ann Arbor, MI), The Outside Voices (Kent, OH), HOLLY (Austin, TX), Cool Waters Band (Appleton, WI), The Vegabonds (Nashville, TN), The Trongone Band (Richmond, VA), C2 & The Brothers Reed (Lexington, KY), Walt Hamburger & The Taste Buddies (Menasha, WI) Wild Adriatic (Glens Falls, NY), Little Stranger (Charleston, SC), Pip The Pansy (Pansonian Moon, Sector 8/Atlanta, GA), Jesse Ray & The Carolina Catfish (Grand Rapids, MI), Nickel&Rose (Milwaukee, WI), Girl Blue (Albany, NY), Heather Maloney (Northampton, MA), Hugh Masterson (Nashville, TN), Elliott Blaufuss (Nashville, TN), Adrian + Meredith (Nashville, TN), Lizzie No (New York, NY), Andrew Leahey & The Homestead (Nashville, TN), Chestnut Grove (Philadelphia, PA), The Talbott Brothers (Portland, OR), Megan Slankard & The Wreckage (San Francisco, CA), Lemon Sky (Cincinnati, OH), Joshua Powell & The Great Train Robbery (Indianapolis, IN), The Brothers Footman (Indianapolis, IN), Sam Burchfield (Atlanta, GA), Arts Fishing Club (Nashville, TN), Cory Chisel (Appleton, WI), Adriel Denae (Appleton, WI), Tae (Green Bay, WI) and Todd Albright (Detroit, MI)